Losing a Single Customer Hurts More Than You Know

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Losing one customer is bad for business. In fact, it is catastrophic. The question is, how costly is it? Let’s say that your customer’s name is Anne and Anne spends…

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Reasons why Online Reviews are Important for the Growth of your Business

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Positive reviews are the perfect instrument for small businesses to increase their chances of selling more of their products or getting more visitors to their establishment. Unfortunately, small businesses often…

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Online Reviews are Crucial for your Restaurant’s Success

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Every restaurant owner knows that good reviews boost foot traffic to their restaurants while bad ones can close them down. This is especially true in this time and age when…

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Effective Branding and Protecting your Brand

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Effective branding gives your business an edge over the competition but how can good branding help your business specifically? It doesn’t matter whether your brand operates on an international level…

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Online Reviews Matter to Small Business

What You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management

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Everything Small Businesses Need to Know About Online Reputation Management Managing a small business is no easy feat. It is even possible that you’re doing a number of tasks while…

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Why Google Reviews Matter

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Google, your trusted search engine, has dominated the Internet and it also dominates the reviews department along with Yelp and Facebook. In fact, it is safe to say that Google…

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Ask for Feedback

How  to Get Your Customers to Review Your Business

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Sharing our experiences on social media has become commonplace. Whether it’s about a recent vacation or an amazing meal you just had, we’re quite sure that it’s probably on Facebook,…

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How Bad Reviews Affect your Reputation

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The Internet gives businesses big and small an opportunity for growth but it also has the power to ruin a brand overnight. Because of its influence, the Internet, particularly social…

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who is to blame for a bad review

5 Ways to Respond to Bad Reviews Online

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Having to respond to bad reviews online can be dreadful but it doesn’t have to be an anxiety-filled experience. Take a look at our tips on how you can turn…

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Statistics to Keep in Mind if you Get a Negative Review

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Negative reviews can hurt your business but as with any problem, there is sunshine after the rain, a light at the end of the tunnel, etc. But let’s concentrate on…

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