How Bad Service Can Ruin Your Online Reputation

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  Customer service plays a significant role in how customers perceive your business and for your business to thrive, you must get it right. In fact, it is more important…

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Don't Help Yelp

“Don’t Ask for Reviews,” Says Yelp

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YELP is something a dog does when you step on its tail, and a lot of YELP users have that type of attitude. They YELP when you don’t pet their…

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Why Your Auto Repair Shop Need Reviews to Attract Millennials

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Millennials are often described as financially cautious thanks to the sting of college debt. They usually rely on ride-sharing companies to get from point A to point B leading many…

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NOG Reviews

Non-Government Organizations Get Reviews, Too

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  It’s not just private sector and their brands and products that get reviewed anymore, your friendly neighborhood (or international) non-government organization is getting reviewed, too. Some of the reviews…

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How Millennials Decide Who to Buy From

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  Millennials are transforming the world and are slowly changing shopping as we know it. Described as the generation born between 1981 to 1997 or 1982 to 1996, this group…

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Fake Reviews and How to Spot Them

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  Fake reviews are out there and some retailers and manufacturers are even joining in the fun. Brands want glowing reviews and some are even offering discounts just to get…

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Review Fraud, Economic Incentives, and Why It’s Not Worth It

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With over 100 million monthly views and millions of reviews, Yelp is a consumer review site that many of us rely on. Studies show that reviews on Yelp and similar…

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Fake Reviews, Smear Campaigns, and How to End Them

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Fake, defamatory reviews can take you by surprise. They can appear just about any time and anywhere and they can be more frustrating than dealing with a legitimate complaint. Fake…

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How to Deal With Trolls and Fake Reviews

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Did you just get trolled? You are probably reading this because you just saw a fake review about your business and you are now wondering how much damage this online…

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What You Should Do to Get More Reviews

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You already know that consumers trust ratings and reviews. A recent study by Brightlocal found that 8 out of 10 people trust online reviews as much as a personal referral….

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