NOG Reviews

Non-Government Organizations Get Reviews, Too


It’s not just private sector and their brands and products that get reviewed anymore, your friendly neighborhood (or international) non-government organization is getting reviewed, too. Some of the reviews posted on their Facebook pages are not exactly nice and the level of hatred is different as opposed to reading a review about a bad salad or an overcooked steak.

Haters gonna hate as they say but if these haters can rate you, they surely will. A few brave NGOs have opened themselves for scrutiny on Facebook by activating their review buttons and some are actively responding to reviews. Others are not ready for reviews yet.

Why Reviews are Good for Non-Government Organizations

Reviews give would-be donors an insight as to where their money is going. It also gives donors a way to find out if the NGO has good practices. If you are the head of a non-government organization and are thinking whether you should activate that review button on Facebook or not, take a look at the items below.

  • Reviews can give you more credibility. While it is true that your NGO has already established itself as a reputable organization offline, there are still prospective donors out there who haven’t heard about you.
  • Although you already have all necessary documents posted on your website, potential donors want to hear from people you have helped. Reviews can do that.
  • Reviews can pave the way for better understanding. NGOs work very hard to understand the communities they are serving. However, we all make mistakes and some details can be neglected or forgotten.
  • Reviews can bring to light bad practices that the NGO doesn’t know about. Large NGOs often have branches in different parts of the world and monitoring said branches can be a chore. While we are sure that NGOs have good monitoring systems in place, bad practices can fall through the cracks. Reviews can lead you to legitimate complaints that you’ve never heard of before.
  • Reviews can help you address complaints that you likely won’t have known about.

Responding to Positive Reviews

It’s always nice to hear praises from time to time. It is advisable that you acknowledge these reviews by thanking the person who posted it.

Responding to Negative Reviews

If your organization is getting negative reviews, it is best to look into them and respond to them one by one.  It is a good idea for you to reply to negative reviews immediately. These reviews can ruin your reputation and some might even believe that the accusations are true if you fail to post a response.

If you are looking at hundreds of reviews at the moment, please do not hesitate to contact Review Fire. Our platform allows you to respond to all reviews across different sites.