Review Fire is Right For You

Our feedback and review platform is a flexible and efficient way to get vital customer feedback, improve your business and acquire better online reviews.

For Brands

Use Review Fire to listen to your customers at all your locations. Drive reviews while improving your business.

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For Agencies

Our Agency partners use Review Fire internally as well as offer it as a value add to clients. Agencies get a free license for internal use.

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For Small Business

An affordable tool to listen to your customers and grow your online reviews. See all of your online reviews in one location. Saves time.

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How It Works

Built to be flexible. Review Fire gives your customer a way to tell you how they feel and what they think about your services before they tell the world. We have a number of mechanisms to trigger customer feedback and online reviews. We will help you tailor the approach to meet your business requirement. Web development is done by our partners at Seota.


Easy to use review request tools

Accelerate your online reviews and improve your star ratings as your business grows stronger and more profitable.


Integrate to your POS to automate the process

We can Integrate with most Point of Sales systems. We also integrate WordPress, ShopBoss, RepairShopr, Google and Facebook. Free custom integrations.


Reporting Dashboard with all your reviews in one portal

From a 1 to 1,000 locations, our reporting portal gives you instant access to the pulse of your customers. Email and Text alerts can be customized for real time notifications to multiple team members.


Employee Level Detail

Our feedback invite system allows you to track feedback down to the staff level. Great for training and creating teachable moment to improve your service. Great for in home service companies and restaurants.

Be Better with Review Fire

Let your customers help you grow your business


Increase in Reviews


Increase in Ratings


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    We believe that businesses that have a proactive process to listen to their customer have an unfair business advantage in a Reputation Economy.

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