Proven Ways to Fix Damaging Reviews

Your business just received its first damaging review. What do you do? Keep calm. Breathe. Read the review again and find out about the veracity of its claims. Did this…

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Business Man Checking Reviews

Why Personalizing Your Review Responses is the Way to Go

It’s easy to respond to reviews. For negative comments online, a cool head is your most important ingredient. For positive ones, you must make sure that you thank your customer…

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Dealing with neutral reviews

Why Businesses Shouldn’t Ignore Neutral Reviews

Neutral reviews are as important as any other review. They create opportunities to win the reviewer and those who will be reading it. Unfortunately, many businesses ignore neutral reviews altogether….

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Reviews for health care providers

Why Physicians Should Care About their Online Reputation

  Physicians & Surgeons Need Reviews To Protect Their Reputation As a physician your online reputation is part of your overall digital footprint or your ‘digital presence’. There are aspects…

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Woman checking her reviews online

Negative Reviews and Reputation Management in the Digital Age

Reputation has a direct connection with your bottom line. In fact, it is undeniable that reputation is an essential ingredient for the success of your business. If your business is…

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customer opinions matter

Losing a Single Customer Hurts More Than You Know

Losing one customer is bad for business. In fact, it is catastrophic. The question is, how costly is it? Let’s say that your customer’s name is Anne and Anne spends…

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Other Peoples Opinions Drive Revenue

Reasons why Online Reviews are Important for the Growth of your Business

Positive reviews are the perfect instrument for small businesses to increase their chances of selling more of their products or getting more visitors to their establishment. Unfortunately, small businesses often…

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Online Reviews are Crucial for your Restaurant’s Success

Every restaurant owner knows that good reviews boost foot traffic to their restaurants while bad ones can close them down. This is especially true in this time and age when…

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Branding and Reviews

Effective Branding and Protecting your Brand

Effective branding gives your business an edge over the competition but how can good branding help your business specifically? It doesn’t matter whether your brand operates on an international level…

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Reviews Over Time

What You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management

Everything Small Businesses Need to Know About Online Reputation Management Managing a small business is no easy feat. It is even possible that you’re doing a number of tasks while…

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