Statistics to Keep in Mind if you Get a Negative Review

Negative reviews can hurt your business but as with any problem, there is sunshine after the rain, a light at the end of the tunnel, etc.

But let’s concentrate on the now where a bad review about your business just happened. In this bad review, the customer said hurtful things about your establishment and it made you upset. It is normal to be hurt by a negative review but there are things you can do. The following are some numbers to keep in mind if you are dealing with a nasty review.

1 can Reach 100

One review can reach 100 people online. While this number is worrying, there is something you can do about it. Recovery methods must be put in place for you to get your customer back. The first thing you should do is to resolve the problem. What is the customer’s main complaint? Is there a way to solve it? If there is a solution, go ahead and offer that solution to him or her. What if the customer is wrong? If this is the case, explain your side. Remember, your customer’s review will be read by many people online and they will read your response too.

Recover 2 Customers per Month

While it is advisable to recover all customers that write a negative review, we know that it is easier said than done. According to statistics, recovering two per month will mean thousands of dollars in revenue per annum and that is already a good thing. However, you shouldn’t let this number stop you from trying to get more customers back.

1-2 Star Ratings can Still get New Customers

You may be suffering from a low star rating right now because of a bad review but this too shall pass. And while you’re in this place, you’d still get a few customers to visit your establishment because around over 10% of consumers don’t really care about reviews. This isn’t that much but if you think of it by the thousands, it’s still a sizeable population.

10 Reviews

You will only need 10 new reviews to drown out 10 negative reviews. Most people read up to 10 reviews so if you can replace 10 negative reviews with 10 good ones, you’ll be fine. The trick is to actively seek out reviews from customers who love your business. Once you get an influx of good reviews, you’d be getting the attention of more people and by extension, more business will come to you.


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