Other Peoples Opinions Drive Revenue

Reasons why Online Reviews are Important for the Growth of your Business

Positive reviews are the perfect instrument for small businesses to increase their chances of selling more of their products or getting more visitors to their establishment. Unfortunately, small businesses often drop out of the game early before a real marketing strategy and review acquisition process can be put in place.

Online Reviews even the playing field with the big brands. If you are good at what you do and you can get your happy customers to share their experience online then your business can compete for market share, even against the largest brands.

Online Reviews even the playing field with the big brands.

“Wait, my business has been around for 20 years, why do I need reviews” We’ve heard that or some variation of that many times. If you have been around for 20 years and you don’t focus on customer feedback and reviews, then you won’t be here in five years. The world has moved on and word of mouth is posted and shared far more than it is spoken. Your business is in danger of losing market share to the new business down the street that understands the reputation economy.

Other People's Opinions Drive Revenue

Other People’s Opinions Drive Revenue and Customer Foot Traffic

New business or old, Online reviews for your business are important because they build social trust, and social trust is a marketing currency that will drive revenue for your small business.

Even the most pessimistic consumer survey puts forward data that shows that 50% of consumer’s base decisions on other people’s opinions, i.e. online reviews.

Review Impact Local Search and Clicks

Apart from getting more customers, online reviews also play a crucial role in local search rankings.
If you run a café or a restaurant, you’d definitely want to be found by customers in your area and those who are visiting. Reviews can help you with local rankings because they will tell others about your establishment and how much they enjoyed going there, etc. Not only will have more reviews help your show up better it will improve your conversion ratio. People will be more likely to click to call or click to your website if you have an outstanding review profile.

Online reviews add credibility to your business because it’s not your website that published the reviews. Aside from credibility in the physical world, it will also improve your reputation online. Reviews, whether good or bad, also help you understand your target market better. It’s not just about getting good reviews, it’s also about learning from these reviews. Getting reviewed by your customers is free advertising as well. If a customer is raving about you online, you can be sure that other people will try your products.

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