Proven Ways to Fix Damaging Reviews

Your business just received its first damaging review. What do you do?

Keep calm.


Read the review again and find out about the veracity of its claims. Did this really happen? Was the customer really treated this way? While it is important that you find out about what truly happened, ensure that this does not take too much time. Reply to the review and do it quickly. Be sure that you apologize even if there is a chance that you are being trolled. Remember, you are not only writing a reply to a disgruntled customer or one who is pretending to be disgruntled. You are writing it for potential customers as well.

Don’t Go on the Defensive

Is the reviewer acting like a jerk? We know that this can be upsetting but don’t get angry. It is important to practice empathy right now. Try to understand the reviewer and where he or she is coming from. Be professional even if the review is annoying or the person who wrote the review is rude. We promise you will have a better day if you don’t start an online fight. Think of it as a promotional opportunity. If you make things right, your brand will look better in the eyes of potential customers.

100 Review Responses (template for your to use)

Thank the Person Who Wrote the Damaging Review

Providing feedback is time consuming so be sure to thank the person who wrote a review about your business or brand even if that review is a nasty one. Starting with “Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback” is a good way to deal with bad reviews because it makes your response more positive. Tell the customer that his or her review is much appreciated because your company uses reviews as an employee coaching guide. Constructive criticism can also help you improve your business so welcoming it is definitely a good idea.

Apologize and Resolve the Problem

Customers who leave bad reviews only want two things – an apology and their concerns resolved. This means you need to own up to your mistakes and the mistakes of your employees. While you can resolve the problem privately, you can also do that online as long as you do not reveal private information. Once done, wait for the customer to take down the review. Most would do this voluntarily but if the review remains unchanged after reaching a resolution, you can politely ask for them to alter their review.

P.S. Don’t give any freebies just to appease a customer.

Improve Your Customer Care Policies, Services, and Products

These are very important things that every company need to focus on. If you have great products, offer amazing service, and have a dedicated customer care team, you are on your way to success.

Online reviews reflect how you do business and if you are getting scathing reviews, it is a good idea to take a good look at yourself. This doesn’t mean that you are always at fault whenever a bad review gets submitted online, it’s just a reminder that it takes two to tango. This is applicable to all companies even those who always try to be fair to their clientele. This is an investment in your business’ future. It is not only because of potential revenue, it’s also about your company’s online reputation.

What if You Can’t Fix the Problem?

Not everything can be fixed and if you get in such a situation, make sure that you apologize to the customer for his or her experience. Ensure that you mention that you will review your company’s policies so that it doesn’t happen again or that you and your team will do better in the future. Responding this way can diffuse a bad situation and can even humanize your brand.