Feedback on Demand with Review Fire


Request Feedback using your customer's email or mobile number

We have a number of ways to initiate the feedback/review process, including automated integrations to your Point of Sale. For the purpose illustration, we are going to show the feedback on demand process.

Input customers name and email (or mobile numbers) into the feedback request form or upload a list of customers to do a bulk send.

If you choose to form to enter customers then a feedback request will be sent every time you enter a client into Review Fire.

There is ZERO technical skill required.
Enter your client names to send email
Customer Survey


Your Customer Gets a Simple Survey

Your Customer gets a simple survey branded with your logo and they can see it right on their phone or email. The questions dynamically change based on the customers sentiment.

Response rates to this survey average over 20% & some clients get a 30% response rate

Your dynamic survey is displayed based on the star rating your client selects


Happy Customer Survey

If your customer gives you 4 or 5 stars, we ask two questions that we can report on in the portal. What did we do right? and What can we improve? Most of our clients report that the information from the "What can we improve?" question is the most beneficial information they collect about their business.
what did we do right


Not Satisfied Customer Survey

If your customer gives you 3 Stars or less, we want to get feedback and send it to the manager. Most of your customers would rather complain to the owner and give you a chance to fix it. When this option is not available the customer is more likely to leave a bad social review or not come back to your business.


Encourage Happy Clients to Leave Reviews

We also have a version of the system that allows you to skip step three and go right to asking for reviews. However, we strongly discourage our clients from doing this. Feedback is the key to your long term success. Your happy customers will help you make your business incredible. Remember, reviews are great for business but having a great business is even better in the long run.
request reviews

All Your Locations on One Screen


See Your Success in High Def

Manage all of your feedback and reviews in our easy to use and easy to understand dashboard. No more scouring review sites to read reviews from the previous day, see them all on one screen. Our dashboard lets you see reports on feedback, social reviews, and other incredible business improving metrics. You can also use the portal to respond to reviews on Google without leaving the site. Take notes, add tags, and learn.