Ask for Feedback

How  to Get Your Customers to Review Your Business

Sharing our experiences on social media has become commonplace. Whether it’s about a recent vacation or an amazing meal you just had, we’re quite sure that it’s probably on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. While we know that not everyone uses social media, a sizable portion of the population does. It is also very likely that those who are online on a regular basis also post reviews about their favorite and least favorite establishments or brands. Their online reviews are influential and one review can either improve your sales or the sales of your competitor.

Ask for Feedback

This age is a new era for marketing because every brand is now defined by the people who use and experience it. Whether you’re running a café or have your own brand of chocolates, for example, there is a need for you to pay attention to what people are saying about your business. A review on Yelp or Google can shape your brand more effectively than ads or commercials ever could. If you are ready to get reviews from your customers, take a look at the following tips.

Get Profiles on Multiple Review Sites

Take a look at sites that are relevant to your brand or your establishment and join all of them. This can include Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, and Facebook. The important this is to get profiles on sites that your customers or potential customers are using.

Ask for Reviews from your Customers

The best way to increase the number of reviews you’re getting from sites like Google or Yelp is to ask your customers to leave feedback. If you provide great service or have an amazing product, we are quite sure that your customers would love to leave a review online.

You should have a process in place to request customer feedback and reviews. It is important the your request feedback from everyone, not just your happy customers. Getting customer feedback helps you improve your business and improve your reviews. Most customers would rather tell you about a problem and get it resolved instead posting a negative review online. Give them that opportunity. With Review Fire, you can do this pretty easily and in many cases it can be automated.

You should also make sure that the links for reviews are posted on your website or added to the signature of the business’ official email address.

Say Thank You

Be grateful to the people who took the time to leave a review about your business. Whether it was a negative review or a good one, thank them for their feedback. In the case of a negative review, ensure that you address your customer’s concerns.

Respond Promptly

Include reading reviews to your daily routine. This will make it easier for you to manage all your reviews. If you’d like your reviews to be in one place, contact Review Fire today. We can help you out in that department.

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