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Case Study: Improving Great Restaurants

The Challenge

Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop and Chamberlain Fish Market Grill are both incredibly well run restaurants that constantly strive to improve. Chamberlain’s has a dedicated clientele but their Online reviews did not reflect the passion of the guest, staff or the owners. After being in business for 20+ years, Chamberlain’s Steak & Chop had 84 Google Reviews. The Fish Market had 76 Google Reviews. Reviews were typically posted by first time guest and travelers but not the regular customers. At the beginning of the program the two Chamberlain branded restaurants were rated #2 and #4 in their market on TripAdvisor.

The Review Fire platform was launched at both Chamberlain’s restaurants in order to get feedback from regular clients and encourage all guest to offer feedback that could further improve the Chamberlain’s dining experience.


The Review Fire Solution

The standard feedback and review request methods were not going to work because a restaurant is lucky to capture a single email address per reservation.

Review Fire added new functionality to our system to allow for a wait staff driven process. In addition to using our new proprietary system to request and track reviews tied to the wait staff, Chamberlain’s also uses the Review Fire email and text message follow up program to get feedback and drive social reviews.

The Results

The Voice of the Customer is heard loud and clear at Chamberlain’s Restaurants. During the first 8 Months of the program Chamberlain’s collected 5,400+ user feedback survey responses. Chamberlain’s is diligent about using guest feedback to improve their business.

combined reviews

Chamberlain’s Restaurants are rated #1 and #2 on Tripadvisor for their market.

The little changes made to the restaurants based on guest feedback resulted in real improvements to the customer experience and to higher ratings on all major review sites. Actionable feedback for improvements came from happy clients who were eager to offer suggestions.

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