100 Great Responses to Customer Reviews

Download 100 Great Responses to Customer Reviews

Our response template is so easy to use, just do a  find a replace for the placeholder text like [Company Name]. The copy and paste individual responses into the review sites when you need to respond to a review.

Download Review Response Templates

The download contains 74 responses to positive reviews and 26 responses to negative reviews.

Remember when responding to negative reviews your objective is mitigate the damage from the negative review, not win an argument.

Do I Need To Respond To Reviews?

The answer is YES! There are 100 reasons you should respond to your online reviews. The two most important are

1. It lets your customers know you are listening and care about them,

2. It allows you to mitigate damage from negative reviews.

Review Fire lets you manage all of your important reviews from a single screen. We also you give a process for capturing customer feedback and improving your business.

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